I Can-Cer-Vive

My fight for Life dx with Stage IV Colon Cancer, metastasized liver cancer & F.A.P.


Marriage can be so tough at times. It seems like certain days no matter what you do it’s wrong. There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage . People argue and fight, could be over small things and bigger things. Could also be over serious things are stupid things . I admit I am NOT a perfect husband . I have done many wrong things, actions , said bad things. I know I’m not alone in this and I know it doesn’t make it right.
I don’t think holding a grudge will get anybody anywhere . God wants us to forgive those who trespass against us. But many do not do that . I never physically cheated on anyone . People flirt ,meet new people, even when they are married . Is it a form of cheating ? I would have to say yes to some degree . But that doesn’t mean you don’t love your significant other.
Its hard for me because I’m a stage 4 cancer fighterIts hard for me because I’m a stage 4 cancer fighter. I have had for recurrences so far . And that since February 2011 . I have also had many several life-changing surgeries . yes it does affect you mentally and physically. I love my wife very much cuz she’s always been theI love my wife very much cuz she’s always been there at my side through thick and thin. And I haven’t always been a good person to show appreciation. I do show it but not enough . I do feel it if its like its locked up in a cage. And I just can’t get it out the way I want to . I have severe anxiety and major depression.
I just get tired of arguing, being accused of cheating when I don’t . No matter what I say it’s wrong. I love my wife very much. We do have trust issues, I’m sure we’re not alone in this. Texting friends on the telephone or Facebook , Is that considered cheating….ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU KNOW THE PEOPLE . Or even people that don’t know you and are praying for you. I don’t consider it cheating if I know the person . We’re not together in the same roomWe’re not together in the same room. There are no kind of sexual relations or conversations. You can come in if you wish to this blog . I’m a people person that I can talk and get along with anybody. I will continue this blog day to day or the best I can, depending on my schedule. When people argue they say a lot of things that they don’t mean. That is just due to anger. But I do admit I’m far from perfect. I do admit to my mistakes . I cannot take what I did back , none of us can turn the clock back . We have to learn not to live in the past. Like I said I have no sexual relations with any women . Marriage is hard…to be continued….

Just trying to re cooperate from chemo

After round two of chemo I’m home this weekend still recovering. The shingles virus is still a pain and unpleasant.  The cold weather doesn’t help,  so I’m staying indoors due to my immune system weakening from chemo. My bones are hurting cause chemo just takes the the good along with the bad.  Im praying and thanking God everyday for his strength on getting me through this! Round to round gets tougher and tougher, so by no means is it easy.  I pray for everyone fighting the horrible disease called cancer. I have Stage IV colon cancer and metastasis to the liver, also FAP disease and depression.  Its very hard and anyone that could help in any way with being overwhelmed in medical bills, transportation costs, living expenses,  prescriptions costs, it would mean so much to us. Thsnk you and God Bless♡♡